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Cat Boarding

We offer many multi-level, floor-to-ceiling condos that provide everything your feline friend could ever want in a room.

About Our Cat Condos

Our Cat Condos are the perfect place for you to leave your cat when you are out of town or away. These floor-to-ceiling rooms are extremely spacious and will leave your cat not wanting to come home. As with all of our rooms, blankets are provided for your pets. We do, however, recommend that you bring in your cats treats, bedding and up to 2 toys to make the room feel more like home. With room to roam around, places to sleep and a few of their own items, your cat is not going to be able to tell the difference between their favorite spot at home and their room here with us!


Single Cat Tri-Level Condo -- $20.50/night

2nd Cat in Same Condo -- $15/night